Survellance & CCTV

Is your business at risk? Are your valued assets protected?

In an ever changing socio-economic environment, business security has never been more important. It is essential to ensure that your business is secure from perimeter to interior. Securing stock through surveillance monitoring, hardware and vehicle protection and theft prevention. It remains imperative to stay ahead in protection technology and ensure your security hardware and software is up-to-date.

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CCTV Surveillance Installation & Services

Any business can benefit from having a reliable surveillance camera system to deter theft, as well as monitor and document activities on premises. A video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy, we install, service, and monitor a system that will fit your unique business needs, as well as integrate with your existing systems. An effective video surveillance system serves as a crime deterrent as well as a key method to capture and document security events on your premises. We offer support and sale of both cloud based and stand alone on premises systems with options of pre paid services and contract based services.

Cloud Based CCTV for Homes & Business

Advantages of Ivideon VSaaS vs On-Premise solution

What Ivideon can do for you:

  • Have central alert management regardless of geographic location
  • Add analytics and reporting tools based on videos
  • Make your video system adaptable to your ever-changing needs
  • Build a customizable dashboard with drill-down capabilities based on your business structure
  • Direct local employees with AI based decision support, i.e. emotional state of visitors
  • A Cloud-based solution is failover safe and has built-in redundancy.

Benefits: Ivideon's advanced tools are designed for different industries providing analysis and forecasting, which are essential when managing geographically spread out locations.

Our new VMS paradigm alleviates manual video analysis and our custom-made dashboards highlight only important events and analytics relevant to your business processes.

  • Face Recognition (age, gender, emotions, ethnicity - smart reports on demographics);
  • Mask Detection;
  • Unique Visitors Detection
  • Queue/Crowd Detection
  • Empty Shelves Detection
  • Retrospective search (searching for movement by detected area)
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Videowall

Alarms & Automation

Actively manage your home with Automation Applications not just a simple burglar alarm

Simple wired & wireless solutions available to manage functions such as lighting, heating, hot water, access control, gates from your remote, alarm keypad, or smartphone app.

Smartphone App for Home Control and Monitoring from Almost Anywhere

Remotely access your alarm panel to control certain functions. Perhaps you want to be informed when a selected user has disarmed the system, maybe to reassure you the kids are home safely.

Discuss our cloud surveilance services in more detail.